For projects with well-determined specifications and timelines, the fixed model is ideal. Haribol calculates the scope and complexity of your project and offers a project delivery schedule and a fixed price for the whole product development when you have explicitly defined the specifications in sufficient detail. Haribol assures that the final product is delivered in quantity in a time frame according to this business model, and the consumer shall pay a mutually agreed fixed cost for the execution of this initiative.

In order to enable the consumer to decide the project budget precisely in advance, the primary benefit of the Fixed Price model is Nevertheless, Fixed Price contracts are often less robust to accommodate modifications and additional feature demands compared to the Time & Materials System. Any change in specifications or new feature demands during the project execution process may trigger the production date and the price to be re-developed.


If your duties are not constant, you don't want to hire a full-time staff for just one week every month. Haribol is the perfect model to work if your work is constant. Haribol gives you a devoted contractor to work for your enterprise and only pay the working time.

Here are some benefits you can gain from Haribol Time & Material Model:

  • High ability to alter or adjust the specifications of the project, or even the whole scale of the project.
  • The client does not have to pay a loaded budget full of salaries but only pay the time worked instead.
  • The ability to delegate up to 2 people for the same task in parallel.
  • Simple connectivity across extended channels over working hours.
  • Link to the tool for question monitoring.
  • Project Management System Control.
  • Periodic timetable and progress updates. Progress reports.

To delegate your own staff to one of Haribol's professional teams, who are dedicated solely to your projects in a specified time period to develop new ideas and change an existing one, helps avoid hassle and the risk of developing a platform and becoming trapped in the endless turnover loop.

Here are some advantages for committed offshore teams from Haribol:

  • Reduction of project costs
  • Preventing the chance of quick turnover
  • Tools for emergency backup
  • Professional project management
  • Fast connectivity across extended channels outside working hours.
  • Link to the method for tracking issues
  • Project Management Platform Exposure
  • Weekly plan and updates on improvement

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