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Project Plan

Approval of Terms and Schedule

This process is important for the project's progress. Whether a client or a staff has requirements, they need to be explained in a very detailed and recorded manner. This is a journey with plenty of contact between partners, end users and the project team.

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Software Architecture and Databases

In this process, leading development staff, which can include architects and engineers, are planning technical design specifications. The specifications for companies are used to determine how the document is made.

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Latest Technologies and High Quality

In this step, the development team codes and checks the mechanism itself. After each process, the planner will view the research carried out by the business analysts and it may need tweaks and changes. In this process, as improvements are made, it is crucial for developers to open their minds and be agile. Normally, this is the SDLC's longest point.

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Functional, Security and Load Tests

After a test environment is relocated, various types of checks including configuration and device assessments are conducted. The last part of the test is customer experience checks and the end users conduct to ensure that the program satisfies their specifications. Deficiencies can then be established and further work in the research, architecture or coding may be required. Upon sign-off, installation and delivery can be resumed for all relevant parties.

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Professional Support

The sophistication of the architecture will depend on the scale of the project. End users, facilities and IT on-call staff may need training. Service implementation can be done in stages beginning with the addition of one division and then slowly adding all the sites.

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